North Umpqua Trail


    We will try to keep the people of Roseburg and anyone else wanting to ride some of the best single track XC/ Enduro style riding in the North West there is up to date on the trail. As of last week the clearest segment closest to Roseburg there is that I have ridden was the Panther Segment. There are several trees down on the other segments so be prepared to hike a bike if you ride anything closer to town from Mott Bridge. We will do our best to keep you up to date with this amazing trail we have here in Douglas County. 

Here at Canyon Creek we are serious about our work and what we do at the shop. We are just as serious about our FUN! Keep an eye on our fun page and you might be able to see pictures of yourself on here. This page will change from time to time so make sure you come back and see what's new!

    OK Everyone we have some brand new demo bikes for your pleasure here at Canyon Creek Bicycles. We have most of the Process line here for you to try out. We have the Kona Process 134, 153, and the big boy the Process 111 with the 29" wheel's. Come on down or give us a call at 541-492-1690 and we can set up a time to let you try one of these amazing bikes out.


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